Customizeable fitness/nutritional regiments designed AND proven to dramatically improve core strength, physique, confidence, HEALTH and motivation!


Graham has created/developed a functional based system of training for clients recovering from spinal cord injuries. It has been effectively used to dramatically improve their physique, core strength, confidence, physical conditioning and motivation. Graham's background as an exercise science/nutrition major and athletic performance specialist, have equipped him with a unique set of skills that allow him to easily customize fitness performance regiments for all different types of people with varying fitness goals and circumstances. Graham has also worked closely with some of the top Sports Physical Therapists in the country and has therefore been able to combine these aspects into a program that can vastly improve your quality of life despite what you may perceive as a limitation.  


As a true "student of the game", Graham uses his passion for helping others and learning, to stay on the cutting edge of the health industry and incorporates Neuro-Training, meditation techniques and supplemental health into his programs. As a student of Neuroscience, Graham is also a HUGE proponent of utilizing the power of the subconscious AND conscious mind to not only improve emotional states, but directly impact physical health and outcomes.