Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coaching

includes initial evaluation, body composition monitoring, individualized meal plans/strategies and more!


As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Graham has developed the skill set that TRULY brings lasting changes in physique, body composition, health, mood, strength, endurance, vitality and general well-being.  Possessing a vast knowledge of "food nutrition" is only the beginning of meaningful intervention.  Graham utilizes change psychology techniques, motivational strategies, healthy "cheet sheets" and many other strategies that are designed to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle, or to the individual's desired body type, more appealing, less restrictive, and therefore longer lasting.  

Hint: This program is probably the easiest nutrition guideline program you will ever follow, while bringing you MORE results than you've ever experienced!

Through his many years of study, Graham has also learned that the Human Body is not ONE thing.  It consists of many smaller organisms and systems that require different nutrients, hormones, chemicals, etc., in order to carry out their specific functions.  The key, is to get the entire system to work in harmony.  This of course, includes the mind.  However, if someone is over-stressed from dieting or training (physically or mentally), their bodies can become resistant to even the "best" nutrition plans.  Therefore, other factors must be considered when attempting to overhaul your immediate appearance without sacrificing health and long term appearance as well. 


Graham has been blessed with the rare opportunity of working with and representing the number one Sports Performance company AND the number one Nutrition Coaching company in the world.

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