Personalized "Mind Movie"


It all comes down to this; If we are all aware of the prevalent idea that "the mind controls the body", then why do we as health, fitness, and performance coaches NOT spend more time training the mind as well as the body?  After asking myself this question and subsequently researching everything related to this topic, I began developing a system of incorporating what I learned about Neuroscience and processes of the brain with fitness. I created a system of designing personalized virtual vision boards, or "Mind Movies", and mixing them with binaural beats in order to entrain the brain to frequencies (such as theta) which have been proven through brain imaging to stimulate certain states of consciousness such as relaxation, awareness, positive emotion, focus, motivation, confidence, love and impression on the subconcious mind. I also use other frequencies which have displayed powerful effects on the cells of the body all the way down to DNA.  These "Mind Movies" utilize a well known strategy of delivering powerful imagery to the subconcious mind and in effect, re-shaping the framework of the brain's deep rooted belief system about reality or "Neural Network".