Many Neuroscientists today, including Dr. Joe Dispenza (featured in "The Secret", a famous book/documentary), have written books and/or given numerous lectures explaining the idea that we as humans, create our own world through subconcious "auto-pilot" systems of belief and recycling in the brain.  A professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical school since 1997, Alvaro Pascuel-Leone, discovered that mental imagery, external visual images, AND bodily actions can all activate the same motor programs in the brain. In other words, thinking of something, looking at it, and actually physically interacting with it, can trigger the neuroplasticity of the brain to create new and potentially habitual neural pathways in the brain.  The concept is, if we can change these subconcious beliefs about the world we live in and ourseves, in turn, our experience of our surrounding world and our identity will also change.


This fact has HUGE implications when considering that the majority of fitness goals fail because of poor eaiting habits or the inability to maintain a consistent workout routine. Both of the aforementioned reasons have to deal with habitual actions, which are also known as "auto-pilot".  Processes of the brain that run on "auto-pilot" are part of the subconscious mind (which has been proven be partially located in cells of our bodies) have been known to be exponentially more powerful than the conscious mind for many years.  Therefore, the best way to change bad habits (or to influence the functions of your subconscious mind/body), is to directly influence your subconscious mind constantly with a specific intent.  


The scientific community has done decades of research to discover the compelling truth that contrary to popular belief, the brain continuously fires electrical signals every time we think, feel, anticipate or see something, even as we age. These different firings cause different neurochemicals (such as dopamine) to be released which then trigger emotions. As these "thought to chemical to emotion" patterns continue, they form a habitual firing process in the brain, which then begins to anticipate the experiences and release the same chemicals ahead of time.  This easily explains why you may feel a certain emotion when you think of an upcoming event, or see a person who reminds you of someone you know and have some form of an intimate relationship or history with.  You feel the emotion that person or event would trigger in you, even though neither the situation or the person is a part of the current reality you are experiencing.  Once again, the implications of this are huge.  This means that we literally are projecting our habitual emotional patterns and beliefs about our environment (which is a product of our own thoughts/fears etc) onto the world "out there" and then re-interpreting what we experience (even though it is already tainted with our pre-existing thoughts/fears) as the "actual reality" we are experiencing.  The truth is, we are continuously experiencing what we already think and feel in the form of our interpretation of the physical world we live in.  The "mind movies" allow us to CONSCIOUSLY choose our goals and desires, and imprint them on our SUBCONSCIOUS mind.  This act forces the brain to begin experiencing the positive emotions associated with our dreams and aspirations in the same manifesting fashion it was previously experiencing negativity.  The option of whether to be healthy, happy, successful, loved and respected, has NEVER been more in YOUR CONTROL.  Take full advantage of this everyday, and CREATE YOUR REALITY!


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